Thursday, July 29, 2010

What in the World is Emily Reading....

Right now I'm Reading the "Possibilities of Sainthood" by Donna Freitas. I pulled it off the shelves because of its pretty cover and after reading the dust jacket promptly decided that it HAD to come home with me. I put the audio version on hold as well as I like to deviate from reading sometimes and listen instead in my car on the way to work (this is a great way to really fly thru a book, wink, wink). I found this review on and thought you might enjoy it! It's really a neat book (particularly for girls, I think), but the premise is hilarious (and sweet). Cheers!

This review is from: The Possibilities of Sainthood (Hardcover)

Fifteen-year-old Antonia Lucia Labella lives in Rhode Island with her mom and grandmother. She helps out in the family's Italian grocery store located beneath their apartment and goes to the all-girls Catholic school with her best friend, Maria. She spends most of her remaining free time learning about her favorite subject: saints.

Antonia prays to the saints everyday, and her favorite section in the school library is the one with anything a person ever wanted to know about saints. In fact, she has a secret goal, known only to her grandmother and Maria, which is to become the very first living saint in the history of the Catholic Church. Every month she writes a letter to the Pope, suggesting an area lacking in saint representation --- for example, the Patron Saint of Figs and Fig Trees. And every month she humbly suggests herself to fill the role. The Vatican hasn't shown much interest thus far.

Antonia has another secret, this one known only to Maria. At the age of 15, Antonia has yet to experience a real, romantic kiss. And she is determined to do something about it. The object of her affections is the gorgeous Andy Rotellini, who goes to the boys' Catholic school. So far, he doesn't seem to know she exists, but after her mom hires him to work at the family store, the situation seems to take a turn for the better.

There is one other fellow in Antonia's life, a guy who utterly confuses her. Two years ago, she met Michael McGinnis, and they hung out all summer, quickly becoming friends. But then Michael had to go and ruin it all by trying to kiss Antonia. Two years ago, Antonia wasn't ready for her first big kiss, and she ran away from Michael. She's been pushing away his attentions ever since. But Michael is persistent, and Antonia finally agrees to try the friendship thing again. Will Michael behave himself this time? After getting to know him better, does Antonia really want him to?

Donna Freitas has created a warmhearted story filled with humor, reflections and life. Antonia is amazing: very goal-orientated, determined, guided by her heart, a character who almost becomes a real friend. Freitas has a writing style that invites a reader to step into the story, to become part of it, and really feel the emotions and actions of her characters. THE POSSIBILITIES OF SAINTHOOD is a charming and witty book, and her newly-acquired fans will be demanding more.

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