Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fall's coming (like it or not) about a project?

Happy Day! I'm sure you're all loving being back in class and relishing every moment you have doing some very interesting homework, right? case you get bored, you may want to look out your window (home or school, I won't tell) to see that the leaves are just beginning to change and the gusts of wind are starting to pick up. Yes, my lovelies, it's FALL! Already! How did that happen! I've always loved fall but I know that to many of you that means back to school and back to teachers and well...back to everything you like to forget about in the summer.
Perhaps you should take a tip from the mother of ALL seasons and the woman who knows perhaps the most of any of us how to stay busy. That person: Martha Stewart.
Yes, Martha has some great fall ideas posted on her website (for kids and teens especially), and so I wanted to pass that on to you in case you feel like taking a break from your homework and diving into something a little more "creative."
I really like this craft for instance, (shown above), in which you take leaves from the trees and glue them to a circular object (you can find these at any dime store or craft store), to make your own Fall Wreath. I think it would make a great addition to my desk or my door and for those of you leaving for college....maybe a dorm room??!! What a fantastic idea....thanks Martha!!

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