Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Clockwork Angel - A Review

I FINALLY got around to reading the book Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare, which my friend recommended to me. It’s been sitting on my overcrowded bookshelf for awhile, annoyed that it wasn’t getting the attention it deserved. It definitely should have been read sooner, because it was such a guilty pleasure. I usually despise any romance books, especially when I finally read one and the main character dies at the very end without any warning, breaking my soul into a million different pieces, leaving me weeping on the floor, and tempting me to find the author and murder him with no remorse (One Day by David Nicholls). Seriously…I can’t even think about that book without shaking with rage. ANYWAYS, the book Clockwork Angel combines one perfect thing, steampunk, and one questionable thing…romance, and puts it together in one book. For everyone who has no clue what steampunk is, which is almost everyone except horribly geeky people like me, it’s a sub-genre of fantasy/science fiction that combines the Victorian era and mixes it with steam power, aka, complicated mechanical machines. It’s amazing. I’m not going to lay out the plot or anything, but the main character, Tessa, has an interesting ability that allows her to change shape. After various events she arrives at the London institute, and gets to meet the shadowhunters. These are, as described in the book, ridiculously gorgeous people who protect mundanes (normal people) and are actually angels. Yada yada yada, and you get to Will and Jem. They are two shadowhunters that somehow BOTH like Tessa. How does this happen?! Geez…if I had a nickel for every time two guys fought over me…I would have exactly ZERO nickels. Even though this is highly unlikely, this love triangle is so addicting. Both of them are very unique and engrossing. That’s why I have just started the second book in the series and am 123 pages in. Who will win the young maiden's heart?! - Staci

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