Tuesday, August 31, 2010


So last night after a fantastic supper of feta and spinach pizza (yum!) I decided I needed to download the new Suzanne Collins book on my Kindle before going to bed and catch a few chapters to keep up with the rest of you. An hour later, I was still up reading. Yes (!) it's that good. So far...that is. I would say I'm about 35% through with it, but so far it's had me riveted since page one.

This one has a different feel to it than the others of the series although I've heard that it's absolutely amazing by my equally geeky YA-reading friends in my SOIS program at UW-Milwaukee. I had one friend who didn't like it, but she mentioned that her beloved Katniss wasn't as tough in this one as in the others. I think she'd doing just FINE so far and so what--really, isn't it about time someone looked after Katniss instead of the other way around? As far as heroines go, she has my vote. Hands down.

You'll want to put a copy of this on hold if you haven't already. If nothing else, you've got to see how this ends. Peeta or Gale?? And because I'm geeky I don't mind telling you that I've been Team Peeta since the beginning! Cheers!

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