Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Space Between Trees....

I'm not going to lie. I picked this book up because it seriously has one of the coolest covers I've ever seen. You might not be able to see from the photo, but the tree is literally cut out of the book jacket which makes this mystery book tantalizing---literally--from front to back. I'm about half way through at this point and am enjoying it immensely.

Here's the synopsis from School Library Journal:

Grade 8 Up—Sixteen-year-old Evie is an outsider with a vivid imagination. She makes up stories for herself and others to make life in her small Midwestern town tolerable. When a childhood friend, Zabet McCabe, is murdered, Evie is thrust into a story beyond her wildest imaginings. Her little habitual deceptions, usually so harmless, get her entangled with grieving Mr. McCabe and Zabet's emotionally unstable and reckless best friend, Hadley Smith. Hadley is obsessed with finding Zabet's killer, and Evie lets herself get dragged into her increasingly paranoid and dangerous investigation. This dark and suspenseful coming-of-age story builds steadily to a violent climax. Evie is a skillful storyteller, perceptive and thoughtful, with a dry sense of humor. She is especially sensitive to disingenuousness in others, particularly in her mother, with whom she has an emotionally distant relationship. As a result, she fixates on the only genuine person in her life: taciturn Jonah Luks, on whom she has an unrequited crush. Evie adds beauty and excitement to the mundane with her fantasies, but only grows as a person when she faces reality and reaches out to the people around her. Readers who have ever felt like they don't fit in will find it easy to empathize with the teen's struggle to connect to others, and anyone can relate to the disillusionment that comes with growing up.

And you can read it before Halloween too...which makes it perfect!!

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AmandaRose said...

OMG, I loved the cover too! Had to read it because of it. Check out my review at https://amandarosetew.blogspot.com