Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rolling Stone: Interviews

This is a nice book to read a chapter at a time; wherever and whenever you can fit five minutes into your day to get a glimpse of Robin Williams at his height in the 80's, or Bill Murray after Caddyshack, or even Kurt Cobain in 1994 who says very candidly at one point, "I don't even remember the guitar solo on "Teen Spirit"'s almost embarrassing to play it."
Names like Jack Nicholson, Spike Lee, Tina Turner, Mick Jagger, the Dalai Llama, and Eminem all give their two cents on their lives, careers, and futures in this unique tome that brings together some of the biggest names in show business. It's a fun read, easy to page through if you're just interested in a few of the names, and very, very, real. Very funny at times, as well. I picked it up yesterday and am nearly done; healthier too for the numerous laughs it gave me--(Isn't Keith Richards priceless)???

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