Wednesday, March 3, 2010

GLBTQ YA Literature

As many of you know, I've been working on completing a Master's degree in Library Science at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. A class I'm enrolled in right now, "GLBTQ Young Adult Literature" is asking us to promote our GLBTQ books for our patrons young and old alike. The books can easily go unnoticed in the stacks and because it IS an important part of our collection, I am taking this opportunity to acquaint you with some of the great "Queer Literature" in our teen area. If you have the time or interest, please give some of these great books a look.

Totally Joe, by James Howe is a great book for middle readers (grades 5-8) that is a thoroughly enjoyable tale of how one young man comes to terms with his identity. This funny and poignant book (written like a memoir) explores the adolescent journey of discovering one's sexuality through journal writings written from the author (Joe) to his teacher. This was a favorite of our class and one we highly recommend for those who are seeking some answers or for anyone who enjoys a good laugh. A great read for all ages!

Ash, by Malinda Lo was another class favorite, and as I've mentioned to some of you is a unique "fairy tale with a twist." This unique Cinderella-type tale tells the story of Ash-- who must traverse the perils of her evil step-mother and sisters, the enchanted forest, and Sidhean (the male equivalent of a fairy god-mother only not-as-nice) to capture the heart of her one true love. The language of this story is incredibly rich and the author describes the scenery so beautifully it's as if you're actually there. The lush setting and perfect love story make this a winner! Check it out today!

Luna, a book by Julie Ann Peters is the story a young woman who struggles with her brother's "coming out" as a woman. Both funny and dramatic, the characters in this story pull the reader in, and whether one has dealt with an issue remotely close to this or not, the story is what counts and it's brilliant. My professor, Ms. Mary Wepking, says this has been a class favorite for years. Be sure to check out my January 7th blog for an excellent interview with Luna's author.

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Claire said...

Have you seen "The Qeen of Everything"? It's a great book about two girls at camp. And hilariously written.