Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bringing Back the Dead!

Charlie Higson, you made my week! Not only do you write zombie books with enough pus, blood, and brains to actually keep my interest, you are also daring enough to kill teens in DROVES!! Hallelujah! I've been waiting for a teeth-gnashing novel in which the author isn't afraid to kill off some of his best heroes and heroines and I finally got one! Hurray! Usually the killing of tweens and teens is censored in some way....but not in Higson world! Oh no, we have enough biting, gnoshing, and flesh-eating here for everyone (and we're not even sorry about it). To be coming soon...a theme park based on this novel-- (those under 16...BEWARE)!

I'm the type that loves a good zombie film but finds most books on the subject totally and utterly boring. Even World War Z, which some laud as the finest in modern zombie literature couldn't keep my interest. And as I sit here writing this, watching a new zombie film from Germany that I received in the mail today (Hammbock: Berlin Undead), I can honestly say that I had not yet read a very fine zombie tale. That, my friends, is no longer the case. I am puffed with pride like a pus nodule waiting to explode.

So, welcome to the Enemy series, where anyone over the age of 16 has become one of the undead, and those under 16 must fight back or become the next chicken wing on some zombie stay-at-home dad's Sunday dinner plate. Fantastic. *licking of fingers*

Our protagonist, Ed, and his group of over-priveged private school mates fight hordes of zombies that have invaded England while the group strives to maintain their sanity amidst the hungry, cannibalistic chaos. Oh, and while steering clear of the religious zealots as well. (THE LAMB....THE LAMB...HOLD THE FLAG)!!!!

Bravo! Teens finally doing what they do best....hacking apart adults with fifteenth century axes from the Tower of London. Yay for depravity and truth! May the teens forever reign! Certainly will read the next in the series just to see how far Higson is willing to go.

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