Wednesday, June 1, 2011

NYC's Mayor's Daughter writes YA Book.....

In “The A Circuit,” a young-adult novel by Ms. Bloomberg that just arrived in bookstores, the father figure, Rick Aaronson, is a blunt-talking Wall Street billionaire who lives in a Manhattan town house and “owns half of New York.” His older daughter, Callie, is an Ivy League graduate with a passion for politics. And his younger daughter, Thomasina, or Tommi, is an award-winning equestrian who chafes at her father’s expectations of a traditional career.

Mr. Bloomberg, of course, earned his fortune on Wall Street, lives in a Manhattan town house and is notorious for his candor. His older daughter, Emma, graduated from Princeton and went on to work for him at City Hall. And his younger daughter, Georgina, or George, is a professional horse jumper who has spoken openly of struggling to prove to her father that riding was a serious profession.

“She wasn’t afraid to say no to her father,” Tommi explains in the book, “even if half of Wall Street was.”

When she announces she will pursue a career in riding, rather than something practical, like the law, her father curtly tells her to “grow up.” He scoffs, “Nobody does that.”

As it happens, the real Mr. Bloomberg has occasionally grumbled about his daughter’s unorthodox profession, which, unlike his, tends to burn through as much money as it generates. Show horses can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and Ms. Bloomberg owns at least six, which she keeps on estates in North Salem, N.Y., and Wellington, Fla.

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